Sunday, December 2, 2012

river is 4

while at don's, i also took some photos of river for her 4th birthday and in her new skirt and shirt!

here is a list of things i don't want to forget from the past year:
-She barters and makes deals like the best of them
-Why did the banana go to the hospital? Because he wasn't PEELING well!
-Loves gymnastics
-Everywhere we go she thinks she needs a treat
-Everywhere we go she asks for stickers or suckers from total strangers
-She will finally watch almost a full movie-tangled. She loves it.
-Do you want me to use the ssager(massager) on your back?
-Says Hers instead of she (her's not being nice)
-I'm just faking
-She has a cute lisp. -thpenther (spencer)-Quethadia(quesadilla)-thitherth(scissors)
-Oh that's a good one(when cutting paper)
-She likes to dry(draw)
-Constantly bargains
-Squitamo or skeetamo (mosquito)
-Is she going to begas(vegas)?(while watching the voice)
-We need to get rid of these because they smell stink.
-Someting(without the h and emphasis on the t)
-I'm a good helper buddy(when she's being helpful to kg or me)
-My hair is gnarly(snarly)
-Chocky road(rocky road ice cream) :)
-dith fee good?(does this feel good) when she's rubbing my back or playing with my hair

i'll be sad when she loses her cute voice and funny phrases but hopefully we still have a good year yet!

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