Saturday, December 22, 2012

salt lake {day 2}-food, thorton's, temple square

we had the most amazing breakfast at the copper onion. thanks for the recommendation adrienne! i will forever be craving my huevos rancheros(which i've never had before)!river also got the most delightful fruit bowl.  she gets upset these days if we go to a restaurant that doesn't have fruit or veggies. :)  we have come to the conclusion that a sign of a good restaurant for us if we order fruit and there is no melons in sight!  it's such a drag to get fruit with your dish or as your meal and it's only cantaloupe or melons which are the cheap fruits.  we want berries and bananas!  this fruit bowl won the award for best yet being topped with sweet ricotta. 

berries, oranges, pairs and bananas, oh my!

i didn't get any photos at ikea but once again we didn't escape that place without spending $300!  it's worse for me than costco. :)  the girls loved playing in the care center. 

that evening we met the thorton's at blue lemon for an early dinner, then we walked temple square and enjoyed the light before capping off the evening with frozen yogurt!  i was glad we went early as the line stacked up quick.  it was really good although not worth waiting in a super long line.

i miss this cute family!  they moved away in august.  tammy was the best primary president we've ever had and sweet dallas was one of my sunbeams.  they are definitely missed!

the kids had a blast together and it was such a fun night!  thanks for meeting us thorton's!

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