Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July in Twin Falls

KG had to work for the weekend so the girls and I decided to go to Twin Falls with the Sturg's. I felt bad leaving KG so Flower and I put together a candy gram for him. It says, Dear Dad, You are one hot tamale(according to mom). Yor the best Dad! You Rol with the punches and take Zero crap. We have fun acting like Nerds with you. You work so hard for your Payday. You are a real Skor. We are like the 3 Musketeers. We will miss you a Whopper of a lot. We love you to Pieces! Love, Flower and River
Then the Sturg's picked us up and we were off! When we arrived to Twin the boys went golfing and the girls went to the temple. It's such a beautiful temple. We ended up having to sit with our noses touching the screen because the session was so full. Made it difficult to watch the video but it was still very worth it.
River and Flower stayed home with Grandma and Papa.

That evening we had an awesome rain storm. We enjoyed yummy fajitas and more family showed up. We just enjoyed one another's company.
River sat in a high chair for the first time!
Unfortunately when bed time rolled around we had a long night. River puked twice, just like last time we went. She also had diarrhea twice. I finally decided to feed her again...
...and then she was just too happy to fall asleep. Ugh. Oh well, at least she's cute.
River had been fighting sleep for over and hour. When Jer got home from playing golf he held her and she fell right to sleep...sitting up! He has the touch.

There are not many things more endearing then men holding babies. It's so sweet, especially when they fall asleep together. :)

I made(with help from Kris and Julie) my yummy lemon cake. This time I used blackberries. I liked it even better this time!

We celebrated the 4th at Rob's house(Jer's youngest brother).
Flower loved the water slide at first and then decided it wasn't for her. Silly kid.

Sweet baby birds!

Julie was so helpful with River!

Laid back and relaxed. :)

This little gal was so sweet.
This baby has the most interesting eye color I have ever seen. These photos don't do them justice. They were so blue but almost clear. Honestly at times it was almost creepy because they seemed albino. Definitely the most crystal clear, glassy eyes I've ever seen.
These two are only three weeks apart. As the other babies mom said, her baby seemed like a new born compared to River.

Flower being goofy.

She loved this toy.

This is her look of concentration...she sucks in her upper lip. Interesting because Flower opens her mouth and pulls in the lower lip over her teeth.

We have a Jenny Jumper at home. The kind that goes in a door way. She has never really like it even though she constantly jumps when she's being held. It's also not that much fun since she's in the hallway all alone. The neighbor brought out this style of jumper and she was having a blast! She was pratically jumping out of it! This will be our next purchase.(Unless someone has one they want to lend us!)

This is one of my favorites of Flower from the weekend. It screams 'summertime fun' to me! the sun is shining on her as she rides the trike in her bathing suit.
River sure loves to nap on people. :) They wore each other out.
The moon started to show it's face and that only meant one thing...time for the fireworks!
Matt was the man.

The next two photos completely melt my heart.

And as I was snapping away, trying to get them to look at the camera, the first of the fireworks went off next to me and I didn't even realize I got their awesome reaction on camera until I was going through the pictures later. So cool and genuine. Love that Anika and River's eyes only wandered but Liv's point and Kris' open mouth are so intense. So much fun.
They were River's first fire works.

Matt with his Roman Candles. Looks like a light saber.
The bright light from this fountain...
...created the amazing glow on their faces. Once of my favorite photos of the weekend. River LOVED the fireworks.

A little strobe light action.

Flower was finally willing to hold the sparklers this year. And she even had fun with it! Although you can kind of see she's nervous by the position of her mouth. She sucks in her lower lip and gapes her mouth open.

And then it was dark and the moon shown through signaling the end of the evening. I road home with Matt and let J and K take the girls. It was fun and I enjoyed talking with him.
Good night moon.
While Flower and I were brushing our teeth we found River climbing the stairs for the first time! She made it half way up before she was stopped. Yikes.
Love this look when she was caught.
And then she continued on.
We visited Shoshone falls. They are so beautiful!
I adore the rainbows!

Love her squint and the dimple it creats on her cheek under her eye. She's so stinkin cute.

I didn't realize I caught River's half smile. :) So cute. She had been asleep through most of it.
The gang.

We had so much fun! We are so grateful for good friends and thankful we were included in their family weekend. I missed KG so much and started feeling really bad when we arrived at the BBQ that we weren't with him on a holiday. I got all teary eyed when I talked to him because I just realized that he would miss River's first fireworks. I was sad and I'm thankful he was willing to let us go. He's so good to us and works so hard for our family.
I finished off the weekend with lots of girlfriend time. Raeanne, Kris and I went with Amanda to see the Proposal. It's hilarious! Amanda, Raeanne and I then went to Protos. Yum. Best pizza. And finally we, along with the Sturg's, went to dinner at Oriental Express with the Heiner's. They are new in the ward and it was a great opportunity to get to know them. We also walked to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. Perfect evening and end to an extended weekend.

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What a fun weekend!! I've never been to the falls but i sure want to go now. Love your pictures!

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