Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Home Evening downtown and the Natatorium

We decided to spend Monday evening playing downtown taking River's 8th month photos. Since Amanda was just here from China(blog post forthcoming) I decided to dress the girls in Flower's Chinese dresses. River's is the first one we bought for Flower while we were there!

This is where she picked up the rock and put it in her mouth that she later gagged up in a photo. We thought we got it out. :)

Love the lines in this photo. Little Miss Independent.

Mmmmm, Pie Hole Pizza. After all those photos we had to stop for dinner.

This is the very first building I managed when I started the property management gig.
Yummy, her first bit of pizza crust.
She wanted a photo of the Parmesan cheese on her face. Silly girl.
I love this photo.

We found a revolving door but Flower was afraid to go in so I went first to show her how it works.

As if that wasn't enough fun for one night, at 9:00 pm we then went to the Natatorium. My brother and dad were having a private party for their clients, which includes us.
I adore these photos of my mom and River...

...and my brother and River.

Flower and KG going down the tube for the first time. They were way up on the platform.
I cannot believe how fast they came shooting out of that thing!!! I thought for she would be crying.
Nope, she survived. She said it was fun but she didn't want to go again! :)
She needed something a little more low key for a bit so on they went to the kiddie pool.

River wasn't diggin' the cement so much. She was doing the cutest bear walk. It was hard to capture but this gives you an idea.
Kas decided to get brave and jump off the diving board into the 12 foot deep water. She was soooo proud of herself! I was proud of her too.

It was a pretty long swim back to the ladder.
We also enjoyed ice cream sundaes. We had a great time!

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