Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flower chopped her locks!

Ever since my last hair cut Flower has been begging to get her hair cut like mine. I don't have the heart to go so short on her. Plus she is always talking about how much she loves her long flow-y hair. Lately though, it's been driving me crazy. It's so stringy and snarly. And because of her penchant for wanting it flowing like a princess, that means she always wants it down. With the summer I've gotten lazy and just let her have her way. I've mention it to KG a couple of times. He was completely against it. He has always loved long, black, straight hair. I finally had him convinced to go a little shorter(oops) because it will grow back! Well today she asked me for it again and I couldn't say no.
I took a before shot.
Then to the bathroom we went.
She was so excited.
I made the first cut to show her.

She was giddy! Then I took the rest off! She has not stopped staring at herself. She keeps running her hands through it and flipping it. Pretty soon her bangs will be caught up.
Here is what we cut off.
I think it's so cute that the first thing she said when we were leaving the bathroom is, "Matty is going to love it!" He is Kris' son...and 16! I was actually surprised because although she has a crush on him, River is the one that seems more enamored with him lately. :) He pretends he doesn't like it. I think it's funny.

I think it's really lovely on her and she's completely in love with it and giddy as can be.

Just hope daddy isn't too disappointed when he wakes.


Amanda said...

Wow I can't believe she let you cut it. It is so cute though! I love it!

Heather BT said...

Haven't been blog visiting lately, almost didn't recognize Flower in the newest set of pictures, so I went looking for this post. Nice look, still long enough to put up, but easier to deal with.
Calli can't wait for her hair to grow out, it's long enough for her to French braid though so we're good there.

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