Monday, July 20, 2009

River is 8 months

River is 8 months and there is no sign of her slowing down.
Here is what she was up to during her 7th month.
--She has started eating more then just rice cereal and oatmeal.
--She liked her first try of cucumbers and also ate some of our bread, her first table food while we were at a restaurant, Asiagos.(The first two photos were her first day of being 7 months)

The rest of the photos are her first day being 8 months.
--She sits up like a champ.
--She's crawling like a mad woman.
--She is now a pro at moving herself from the crawling position to the sitting position.
--She is walking along furniture.
--She stands on her own, leaning her back against stuff to balance. Her new trick is to try and take her back off what she is leaning against and then lunge forward, trying to walk.
--She can get herself from a standing position to crawling or sitting with no problem.
--She has clapped a couple of times.
--She is very curious!!!
--She climbs stairs.

--Some of the baby food she likes...sweet potatoes, mixed greens, carrots, corn, butternut squash, green beans, potatoes, peas. She likes apples, bananas and blueberries but we have had to forgo fruit because they cause her to get diaper rash. We'll try again in a few weeks.
--She likes fresh avocado off my salad.

While taking the photos on the ground she put a rock in her mouth. We though we got it out, that is until we put her on the bench and she started choking right when I snapped the photo. Awesome.

--She feeds herself cheerios.
--She LOVES her Jumperoo. That is an understatement!
--She has three teeth, two on the bottom and one of her fangs on top. It's funny that she got that one first out of her top teeth!
--She loves to be thrown up in the air.

--She loves shoulder rides.
--She really likes the swimming pool and swims often.
--It's still difficult to get her to laugh but her sister seems to be the best at it. She adores her big sister.
--She gives me awesome open mouth kisses. She is stingy with those to everyone else. It makes me feel so special! :)
--One of my favorite things is when she randomly lays her head on my shoulder and sighs and she pats my back.
--She loves to 'sing' along with the music at church.
She is such a happy, happy girl. She is really beautiful and has one of the best smiles I've ever seen. I do wish she'd slow down because she just doesn't seem like much of a baby anymore. We all love her to pieces!!!


Amanda said...

She is so cute and getting big! Stop growing up.

Heather BT said...

Finally got a picture of my nephew up on my blog. mentioned it a while ago as a way to guestimate what River's skin tone might end up like. Hard to believe it's been eight months already for you guys. Congrats to the Little One!

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