Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's a sad day. :(

Yesterday I had my last hair appointment with Val. I actually got a little teary eyed when I left the salon. They are moving to San Diego in a few weeks. We are soooo sad. She has done our hair for 6 years! She knows my hair. She knows which parts need thinning more then others and which side needs to be cut shorter to give the appearance of the same length due to cowlicks and so forth. Sad. Really really sad. I think KG just might get his dream of moving to San Diego. I may have to follow them just so she can keep doing my hair. I'm just glad that as my farewell well 'do, I LOVE IT! The cut, the color, everything! Love it.
And not only that but they are such good friends! We've known them since 2003. We met in our ward when she was pregnant. They needed a sitter for their soon to be son. A few months later, when Ashton was 6 weeks old, I started watching him each day while she was in cosmetology school. We have loved them ever since. I watched him until he was 18 months. I stopped because that's when I took the property management job. Gosh I missed that kid! He was like my own. A couple of years later they added Ellektra. I think they moved out of our ward shortly before she was born but that didn't stop our friendship. We love getting together with them. They are great last minute dates. They'll be heading to a restaurant and give us a call knowing we are great at the spontaneous and will meet them 10 minutes later. We found ourselves doing the same with them.We've spent lots of time with them since the pool opened. They come over and swim with KG and the girls while I work and then we'll go out to dinner and or shaved ice about once a week. Good times.
So in a couple of months when I try a new stylist, if my hair sucks, we will be moving to San Diego! I definitely can't wait to go visit them there!


Gorge Us Family said...

Really cute do this time. Love the color. It is so hard to find someone that good.

La belle mère said...

Good stylists and good friends are among life's greatest treasures!

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