Friday, July 3, 2009

Early 4th of July BBQ and pool party!

Thursday evening we threw together a 4th of July kick-off BBQ and pool party. For such a last minute thing I'm surprised at how many could come...Monkey and Lisa + 5, Sandee and Gregg + 2, Shannon and Ryan + 3, Scot and Val + 2, and Kristen + 1.
We had a great time with yummy food and great company!

River fell asleep in the pool. :)
We had to get a photo of the three of us together.

Yes. Yes she did just pee on me.

Her first popsicle! Love the faces. She only managed to get about three bites of that entire thing. :)

Kristen also discovered that River had a third tooth! It's on the top, her right, maybe the second or third tooth. I thought she would get her front teeth first.
Thank for coming everyone. We had a great evening. Perfect start to the weekend!

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