Friday, July 24, 2009

Flower is funny

Here are the photos of Flower from Monday's Family Home Evening in downtown. She is now 3 months into her 4th year of life.
We have done some fun Family Home Evenings this summer. Most have included good friends. The Klein's come swimming often. A few times have been on Monday's so as soon as I get off work everyone is worn out and hungry so we go get some dinner. We recently went with them to Bangkok Thai and Chili's. We also have made runs to the nearest Shaved Ice Shack with them!
On Monday, July 6th we went to Oriental Express with Sturgill's and invited along a new family in our ward, the Heiner's. After eating we walked to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream. Flower hit it off with Miles who is 5. They had so much fun together. Flower was really upset when it was time to go. She was crying and pouting in the car. Finally she told us in a very dramatic sighing voice, "I just want to be in love." Oy vey we are in trouble. Turns out he has a pretty big crush on her too. He doesn't like going to church but one Sunday all his mom had to do was remind him that Flower will be there and he's up and ready in seconds flat. Their primary teacher told me last Sunday that Miles wouldn't let anyone sit by Flower. Ahhhh, young love.
Monday of last week we went to Veteran's Park with Subway sandwiches. We met Shannon and her kids their plus Jane's friend Bella. Jane, Bella and Flower were playing and having fun but you know what happens when you get three girls together....there's always a third wheel and competition for attention. Jane and Flower had a tug-o-war for Bella's attention. At one point J wanted to play hide the shoes and go find them. J lured B away from Flower with that enticing game. Flower stomps her feet and waves her arm and in the most snotty, diva, spoiled brat voice screams, "I am not playing that game. That game is ridiculous!" We all busted up and couldn't stop laughing! The other girls haven't forgotten it because when Shannon brought the kids over for swimming yesterday they were all saying it and laughing.
And this story is what happened before Family Home Evening last Monday, right before they went to karate. KG was getting dressed, part of which includes putting on a cup. She walked in right at that time and the conversation went something like this.

Flower: What is that?
KG: A cup
F: What's it for?
KG: It protects my crotch from getting hit in karate.
F: When I grow up I want to have a crotch.
KG: You already have a crotch.
F: No I want a long crotch like your yours.

When he called and told me the story I could not stop laughing. It still makes me laugh.
She always has something funny to say and keeps us on our toes!


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Oh my goodness funny indeed - this post had me laughing more than once!

Amanda said...

Yeah that was a priceless! I can imagine it happening, such an innocent thing to say but one that will make me laugh every time i think of it!!

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