Monday, July 13, 2009

Boy, Sunday morning was fun.

KG had an early meeting so it was up to me to get the girls and me ready. I got up at 8:30 and hooked Flower up with breakfast and made River some cereal and a bottle. Then I went and showered and blow dried my hair. When I finished I turned on a cartoon for Flower who was finished eating. I woke up River that was adorned in a completely soggy and poopy diaper. Changed that and fed her half of her cereal before setting it aside and handing her the bottle so I could go do Flower's hair. While in the bathroom I kept smelling urine. I'd look around and not see the source. Finally I picked up the water bottle to get her hair wet and a liquid dripped down my arm. There was a puddle on the counter under the bottle. That's when I had a flash back of the night before. Flower wanted her nails painted. We told her to go get the polish. She had to climb on the counter to do so. Shortly after she went in there we heard her say she wet her pants. Funny how just an hour previous KG and I both commented to one another that it had been a long time since she'd had an accident. We jinxed it. She just gets playing and forgets to go. Anyway, she's at a point now that we don't get mad we just tell her to take care of it, meaning put the wet clothes in the hamper and put dry stuff on. There's usually not a puddle. Well, now back to Sunday morning when I'm trying to do her hair. When she wet her pants, she meant on the counter! And she made no effort to clean it up. It ran into and under everything that was on the counter and then simmered all night. So when I picked up the brush, it had dry urine on it. And the water bottle was covered in wet stuff and so on. It was nasty. So I had to take the time to clean that up. Then back to doing her hair. When I was almost done it dawned on me that I had left the cereal low enough for River to reach. I just knew she was playing in it. No reason to rush in there since it was probably a lost cause so i finished her hair and then slowly entered the living the room. Sure enough River, the boppy, my cutting mat and the floor were covered with the oatmeal/blueberry/apple mix.
Everything was purple. It was worse then this photo makes it seem. The boppy's cover wasn't on because I had taken it off a couple of days before to clean it. Now the pillow is gross. Nice. I cleaned that all up and then gave her the remainder of her bottle while I straightened my hair. Then I got Flower dressed. Then I went to get River dressed and she was poopy again. Ugh. FINALLY, I got dressed and we were ready to go. At least I was smart enough not to get any of us dressed until right before we were walking out the door. It was 9:30, which is when our church starts, but considering all that happened in that hour I was impressed it wasn't later. We were standing right by the door and I went to grab my keys and they're not there. I text KG and sure enough they were left in the jeep. That's what happens when I've driven somewhere but then he decides to drive home so he uses his keys. Since my keys aren't in my hand when I get out I forget I had them in the first place. I looked all over for the other bus keys. KG finally told me where they were and were off. Whew! We actually made it while the first guy was still speaking! Shocking. Had I not been excited to wear the skirt I had made on Saturday, and drive the newly fixed up bus that KG picked up the night before at 11 pm, I would have packed it in after the cereal mess. But I was very impressed with myself and laughed it all off.
Church was church. I was feeling very self conscious.
We enjoyed naps after church and that evening we had caramel corn while we watched Bride Wars, which we enjoyed.
I'm not really looking forward to getting back to the grind this week but the weekend was great!

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