Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Changing my scenery

We have serious clutter issues. With River being mobile now, it's become a huge pain in the arse! She's constantly pulling things down and making twice the mess and it was driving me bonkers. So I finally stayed up one night till 2:00 am cleaning all the surfaces. Life has become much easier!

I've really needed a change of scenery lately. So while cleaning I decided to change things up a bit. We really like our Mansfield art and have three framed prints that were supposed to be hung in our disaster of a computer room. Hasn't happened. So I traded the two we had hanging for two we didn't. It makes such a big difference just have something new to look at each day.
This one is over the fireplace.This one is over the dining table.
In cleaning the surfaces I came across our family photos and Christmas photos. After hanging the art it made me want to continue the project. I finally got it all put in their frames and hung up.
Here is the new hallway.
A close-up peek.

Christmas photos.

I also added some to our bedroom. I've had these sweet pictures for over a year but never bought frames. I had other pictures in these frames that were supposed to go in our computer room and it never got done. So I switched out the pictures. I loves these whimsical frames. And that lovely couple is so charming.
It's amazing that just changing a few pictures can change the mood and make things a little more exciting.
And I'll tell you what. Nothing beats this scene in the morning! I love it when she wakes up happy and just plays in her crib until I come get her.
Then she spotted me coming in the camera and I got this huge smile.
And then she quickly pulls herself up wondering if I'm going to get her out.
And as I get closer she smiles with excitement.
And starts shaking back and forth.
And because I'm taking too long she starts making her begging noise. For those that have been around her recently you know what this face sounds like. She makes the cutest grunting noise.
This scenery never gets old. :)


Daniel and Dawn said...

Wow!! Thanks for popping into our blog. It was so nice to hear from you. The girls are getting so big. Mobile....oh the joys, messes and excitement right? Hope all is well in Boise!

Callie said...

I absolutely love walking in their room in the moring to see those happy little dimpled cheeks just waiting to be plucked from their bed. :)

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