Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flower got her Yellow Belt!

Whoo boy! I've been a big slacker. I forgot to blog about Flower earning her yellow belt in karate! She got it back on June 15 and we are so proud of her! She is loving it and she is definitely a natural. I have to say when I went to watch her I was surprised at how well she was doing. She definitely has more focus with this than gymnastics. My heart was swelling with pride watching her in that cute little gi. I have to mention that she is so vain while she's there. The walls are lined with mirrors and she LOVES to watch herself. It's ridiculously cute. If her hair is down she continuously arches her back and shakes her hair to see it touch her lower back. That is the only time she's not real focused. It's pretty cute.
Here she is being presented her new belt.
First we must take off the white belt. It shows all the yellow stripes she had to earn on her way to her yellow belt.
And here's the new yellow belt!

Making sure the knot is just right!
She sure likes Miss Tippets!
Ta-da! Look how proud she is of herself!
This was a good thing for me to write tonight. I am having a bit of personal trouble with Flower. It's nothing she's doing...she's a pretty dang special girl. It's me and something too private to write here but I'm working on it. I just love her so much and compared to other 4 year old kids I observe, we are so lucky at how well mannered, well spoken, and well behaved she is! She is awesome.


Colleen said...

hang in there. let me know if there is anything i can do to help. i'm a good listener. have a good day.

Becky Marks said...

What a proud mama! ;) And you should be! She's a doll! I'm sure you'll figure it all out. Just remember there are lots of people that care about you, so you're surrounded by friends!

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