Saturday, July 3, 2010

happy birthday laura!

on friday we took kg's parents out to dinner for mom's birthday. we went to fiesta guadalajara. it was really good and i loved the beans! it was a quick dinner but we enjoyed going out with them. river was a little firecracker and wouldn't sit still. i fear she will soon be impossible to take out! hopefully it's a short phase. we never went through that with flower. she's always been so well behaved in public!
we joined the staff in singing happy birthday!
after dinner went to get our fireworks for the 4th of july!
and finally we went to sub zero. it's a new ice cream shop in town and very fun!
you pick your size, then your type of liquid(premium, fro yo, light etc.), your flavor(there are TONS!) and your mix-ins(tons again). then they turn that liquid into ice cream right in front of you!

it's a fun process to watch. flower was mesmerized.
kg got chocolate caramel fro yo with peanut butter cups. flower got vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate flakes. river got strawberry ice cream with strawberries. and i got butterscotch ice cream with peanut butter cups. we each got a different kind so we could taste them all and they were all delicious! we will be back!

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