Saturday, September 25, 2010

afternoon family date

friday the 24th we had a nice family afternoon date. flower had piano lessons so we dropped her off and then went downtown. i had to go to the post office for work and then we walked around for a 10 minutes. i adore these pink chairs! i want some.
we stopped by the chocolate store and got a little treat.

we chose a turtle, toffee and a buddha.
we got the buddha because river is obsessed with a little buddha we have. it was my favorite chocolate. it was dark chocolate filled with white chocolate ganache infused with green tea. it was wonderful!
we picked up flower from piano a few minutes later and we all shared the chocolate. :) then we went to lunch at yoi tomo. delicious!
geez, these photos make me crave it! so good.
oh, and can you see a difference in the quality of these photos?! doesn't flower look pretty. kg got my camera fixed for my belated birthday gift. i got it back the day before. thanks honey! i was really missing good photos!
messy face because she was loving her food!
their miso soup is also delicious!

we ate quickly, like 20 minutes, because they closed at 2:00 and I had to be back to work at 2:00. it was only an hour total but it was the perfect afternoon date.

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