Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hipstamatic monday

i love using the hipstamatic camera on my iphone. especially since my camera is broken, it gives the not so great photos some character. i have fun playing with it.
on monday the 20th i enjoyed some snuggle time with river as she napped on me. flower was at school so it was nice and quiet. :)

i love all the different affects.
when flower got home they went with me to two appointments. they were good at the first but not at my chiropractor appointment. i was a little annoyed that the front desk gal didn't offer some help. not that she is a child care provider but when the chiropractor puts me face down with electrodes on my back preventing me from moving for 15 minutes what do they expect me to do?! dotti at my old chiropractor would have offered help. instead, this girl just sat and complained about my unruly children to one of the massage therapists. and i could here them in the room. tacky.
what did my little angels do that was so offensive? they were screaming constantly in the room fighting over the chair. so the chiropractor was nice enough to bring in another one. but then they were fighting over their dumb princesses. and river screamed everytime flower took something away from her that she shouldn't be playing with, like the chiro's lotions. then river escaped after he came in to adjust me. again, i'm stuck in odd positions because i'm being adjusted. what am i supposed to do? plus the chiro didn't seem to mind. well went i went looking for her i discovered she had lifted the nob of their drinking water machine that's in the lobby, emptying the entire contents and flooding the floor. nice. and the girl was a rag about it. she obviously doesn't have kids. the chiro on the other hand has 4 children and he was laughing telling me it was no big deal as he cleaned it up. as i was trying to pay, the girls escaped again. i thought they were in the lobby by the door. how was i to know that hallway was a back entrance to all the patient rooms? they ran through the office yelling and once they made it to her she got in their face and told them to get with their mother and her voice was just slightly below yelling and i could tell she wanted to grab them. the way she talked to them was not ok. i was slightly annoyed when i left there. i chalked it up to her having a bad day and i'm not going to hold it against her because the chiro was cool. i'll give her another chance. however, river will not be going back with me anytime soon.
can you believe that just prior to all that craziness they were so sweetly making their princesses dance to the music in the van? little turds!

we went straight home instead of getting a jumba juice and they both fell asleep. big surprise.

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Jamie Link said...

What a jerk that girl is!! She could have totally helped and got them some coloring paper and pens or something...or talked to them...UGH! I really don't like people like her.. But ya know what they say about karma!?!?! LOL!

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