Sunday, September 12, 2010

freezer meals

seems like this time of year is when i like to make the freezer meals. plus with school starting and getting on a new schedule i wanted things to easy. when the girls are with emily two or three days a week she feeds them at 5:30, which i love! i really like not having to rush to feed them after we get home at 6:30 just to try to get them to bed at 7:00. so really, we just feed them when kg is here and i like that he just has to pick something out of the freezer that morning and plan the side dishes.
i spent three or four days in the kitchen cooking and here is what made the cut this time:
3 meat loaves
1 chicken broccoli bake
2 pans honey lime chicken enchiladas
2 pans lasagna
1 pan shepherds pie
shredded chicken marinaded in pineapple/green tomatillo salsa to be used for tacos and burritos several times
homemade spaghetti sauce to be used for spaghetti and another batch of shepherds pie
shredded chicken marinaded in salsa to be used for burritos or tacos several times
lemon pasta bake
stuff for nachos
this, among other stuff we've got, should get us through september. love not having to think or worry about what to cook!

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Megan Davenport Cannon said...

I love that lemon pasta bake recipe you posted last fall. So yummy!

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