Sunday, September 19, 2010

g is for girls night

friday the 17th was an excellent day. i took river to work with me in the morning and she was just being so adorable. she insisted on bringing her baby. i love watching her take care of it and feed it.
that night we went to my mom's house for our annual back to school girls night! i love this night. we had spaghetti made by my mom, french bread by sandee and a salad by me.
i contributed this yummy salad with strawberries and feta cheese with vinaigrette dressing. this is all i ate. so good.(i took my own gf lemon pasta but only had a bite because the salad was better!)
i had everyone bring a dessert to share that started with the first initial of their first, middle or last name.
flower is for fruit snacks.
lorelai is for licorice.
river is for reeses pieces.
angee is for apples.
victoria brought her two friends this year.
alyce is for airheads, victoria reese is for reeses, sheva is for snickers
opal is for oreos
anne meecham is for muffins.
amanda is for almond joy
jenn park meecham is for praline pecans.(homemade)
holy smokes these were good!
kassidee is for kettlecorn
sandee is for snickers.
i really liked this method because it brought a good variety of yummy things to eat.
after we ate dinner we took our photos of the whole group! not easy to do with a timer but between these two you can see everyone and they make me laugh!

then we watched 'letters to juliette' and ate all our treats! i thought it was such a cute movie and the apples and pecans i ate all night made it better! such a good combination.
the little girls watched strawberry shortcake and the princess and the frog. these girls are so cute together!
when river wasn't harassing flower and lorelai she really clung to jenn :)
we had a great time and i can hardly wait for next year. i love all these girls! it was fun to have jenn, anne, alyse and sheva join us this year. and we missed kristen and laura!

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LAURA said...

I missed being there as well. I just thought I needed to be with Ken since he has been gone so much.

Next year!

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