Tuesday, September 7, 2010

delightful labor day.

sandee and kids invited us to check out a cool park on sunday. i suggested we go for labor day instead and take a picnic. it was a date.
monday the 6th we packed and enjoyed a lunch of corn chips and salsa, cheese sticks, watermelon, raspberries, a jello cup and water. yum.
here are the girls with the their beatles lunch boxes. they love to carry them.
after we ate we played!
the swings are always a hit and they had the most comfortable swings i've ever been on.

this park has lots of cool things! most of them spin and make you dizzy. i loved that stuff when i was young. i wish i didn't have such motion sickness issues now. even doing a somersault puts me over the edge, as i found out the other night. :(

this thing is like a skate board on a half pipe.
cool suspended reclining chair that sways.

these spinning cups are hilarious! when you try to sit up to get out, it spins you more. flower was spinning so fast she was starting to get scared so i came to her rescue.

triple teeter-totter.
river couldn't get enough of the fast spinning!

this thing turns in circles as well. but it goes high and low which makes it harder to hold on.

more spinning. sandee started spinning her so fast she almost flew off because she was barely able to hold on! pretty funny.

this things spins like wild too!
more reclining chairs. the kids kept switching places and begging us to take their photos.

we had such a good time. we spent two hours playing then came home and crashed for naps. :) at least river and i did. i believe flower decided to play with my phone/camera. :)
it was nice to get out in the middle of the day and enjoy cousins, lunch in the sun and play in beautiful weather in a very cool park.

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