Monday, September 13, 2010

pretty girls

sunday the 12. flower asked me to curl her hair. then she would flip her hair and say, "kris will think it's so pretty". i then did river's hair in two little buns. they are barely visible in the photo below. she then grabbed one and tried to flip it like flower and said, "whis pree" (translation:kris and pretty...she was copying flower saying kris will think it's pretty). i love those girls. and i love that they think about kris before we go to church and hope she'll like how they look. they love her.
"take our picture mom, we both look pretty" flower begged as we were getting in the van. "mom pree picher." river copied. how could i say no?
that little dress river is wearing was one of my favorite gauze hippie dresses flower used to wear. i love that i get to see all my favorites from flower again.
unfortunately kris didn't see them that day. she is in the stake r.s. and had to be at a different building all day for three different relief societies. she invited me to join her so i dropped the girls off at our building with kg and went to the other building with kris. it was a lot of church but i enjoyed it. for one, i liked hanging out with kris. but i saw several people i haven't seen in a while and enjoyed talking with them. one in particular was my english teacher, tina, from meridian academy. she was a wonderful teacher and she is the one that finally changed my mind about english. at least in her class. i always hated english but she made it enjoyable. i had no idea she was lds. it's been 15 years. i sure enjoyed seeing her! she also had very nice things to say about me which always nice to hear. :)
it was a very nice day.

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