Wednesday, September 15, 2010

practicing piano + time out

flower practices her piano every morning before school. she is doing really well! usually she sits but this was a rushed morning. my main purpose for the photo was to show her outfit. i love how she dresses herself most of the time. she ALWAYS wants to wear a dress. totally not my style. but i do love when she pairs a cute pair of boot leg jeans with her dress, which is what she will likely do a lot of as the weather cools down. i thought this particular outfit was adorable. she chose a shirt the same color as the bottom of the dress and then put her jeans on with a pink pair of shoes. so cute. then she asked for a high pony tail and i obliged.
river is now getting the hang of time out. which is unfortunate because that means she's there enough to get the hang of it. :( but she is so cute about it. now, every time she pulls hair she looks at us and says, "tineout" and walks to the wall. :)
she struggles to sit through her one minute but does ok.
then we talk to her after to explain why she was in time out to make sure she understands.
when you ask her what she did she always tilts her head to the side, squints her eyes and says, "um" as she thinks real hard. sometimes she answers correctly, sometimes not. "puh hair" "peench" "ouch" "uh-oh" any of those answers are typical. it's all just too sweet!
can't get enough of her!
have i ever mentioned that she calls flower 'wowie'. it's really the cutest!

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