Thursday, September 9, 2010


i love unique wallets. i like having something pretty to look at when forking over my money. :)
here's my old wallet. i loved the polka-dot design.
however, it was starting to rip right here:
so now it's river's and she thinks it's so cool that she has something to carry!
so i bought this one for only $10! it's so adorable and has so much charm and character for only ten bucks. orange and polka dots? can't go wrong. plus i love the ruffle detail and the snap button. those kind of snaps remind me of my grandpa campbell.
and look at the surprise flowers on the inside! every time i open it i get to see that beautiful surprise.
here's a wallet i loved simply because it's a recycled cigarette container. old school. but it didn't work well for me in function.
so i didn't use it and gave it to flower on her 5th birthday and she loves it! and since all she carries is cash it works perfects!
i carry a wallet in my back pocket, not a purse. what kind of wallet or purse do you carry?

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