Monday, September 20, 2010

pretty drinking glasses + lemonade

kris gave me these lovely drinking glasses for my birthday. i love them which is surprising because i don't usually like glass. however, i'm falling out of love with plastic for several reasons. these were just the glasses to give me the push and are now my favorite to use.
river's favorite is the one with the banana of course. it says always a-peel-ing. cute. flower's favorite is the prickly sweet pineapple one. mine is the pucker approved citrus grapefruit one. thank you so much kris!
flower came home from school one day with a recipe to make lemonade from a fresh lemon. we bought the lemons and the girls and i made it on saturday the 18th. they requested their favorite glasses. :)
first::prepare the lemons by softening them up.

second::juice the lemons.

third::divide the lemon juice among our three favorite glasses.
fourth::add sugar and stir
fifth::taste and completely pucker up because the water hasn't been added yet.
sixth::add water and stir some more before tasting again. mmmm.
it was delicious and such a fun thing to do with the girls.

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Heather BT said...

All my drinking glasses are glass, and are all different. When I have people over, they all know which glass is theirs because no one else's looks like it!
Like the recipe, will have to try it!

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