Sunday, February 27, 2011

amazing surprise date

on a monday in february kg told me not to make any plans for the upcoming saturday the 26th. i obeyed and was excited for the surprise. i needed it badly! i was told to be ready for a night out and i'd be picked up from work. he had already arranged for the girls to spend the night at his parents. yay! thanks ken and laura!
me, ready for our date
first thing we did was go to sushi. yummy! the 3rd roll from the left on the foil, the hurricane, is my favorite and i crave that sucker constantly. delicious!
then he surprised me with chocolate dipped strawberries. he did them himself with gluten free vegan chocolate. they may not look great but they were yummy! he had them well presented on a heart shaped styrofoam but it fell over in the car. he was bummed but i was still impressed!
then he pulled the car into this hotel parking lot. i was so excited! we also stopped for blizzards which were so good but gave me a terrible stomach ache since we've been eating vegan. it was a nice treat though. we took them to go to enjoy later since we were still full from sushi.
he got us a night's stay in the presidential suite. he so rocks!
this is when it became apparent how much planning and effort he had put in and how much shopping he had done that week! he's so wonderful. the room was gorgeous. he spread rose petals on the bed.
this was the huge balcony. too bad it wasn't warm enough to enjoy a seat out there.

on the other side of the kitchen is a huge jetted tub that we spent hours in. long enough that we enjoyed some favorite shows on the computer! i love watching tv in the bath. we also talked and talked, but only about positive, uplifting things. i revealed something to him that surprised him(and me to be honest), and it will be interesting to see if it ever comes to fruition.

he purchased us some fun things to wear, candles, bath salts, bath bombs, scrubbers and so on.

i had planned to surprise him with this hot little number for valentine's day but it didn't arrive in time. so knowing he was planning this night, i gave it to him the night before so he could pack it if he wanted. of course he did!
he bought us coordinating boxers and wife beater tanks. love it!
we had such an amazing night. it was so relaxing and we needed to reconnect.
in the morning we woke up and took advantage of their complimentary breakfast by the pool. yum. then we enjoyed more time to ourselves before the 1:oo pm checkout. it was marvelous!
we didn't have to pick the girls up until 5:00 so even after we got home we got to enjoy more alone time. we got caught up on our dvr'd shows and had my favorite sunday treat of popcorn with coconut oil. so good!
thank you thank you thank you kg. i am such a lucky gal. thanks for all the effort you put in to this weekend and thank you for loving me for who i am.

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Jamie Link said...

Amazing date night Angee! What a great surprise...You are a lucky, lucky girl! :) Glad you had a much needed night.

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