Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

i loved valentine's day this year. i always love it but it went very well this year. i have monday's off and since vaentine's fell on monday this year i had it off! sweet! kg got the girls each a small balloon and i got them a necklace and bracelet set. i had taken them to old navy a couple of days prior and let them pick out a shirt. they both chose hello kitty.

we took a few photos before school.

after school i took some photos with their new stuff. we had fun and they were cracking me up.

flower was trying to teach river how to make a heart. didn't quite work out but i love these kind of moments.
and then they hugged since the heart didn't work.
and then river started walking off because she was done for the moment.

but only because she wanted them to hold their balloons again and dance! i adore the next two photos.

a few special people in the girls lives got these cute bottles of soap.
kg spoiled me rotten. he got me this beautiful plant. i love the bright yellow.
he also got me a new blender which i'm in love with! we use it at least once a day, sometimes twice and a few times more than that. it is wonderful. especially since we've burned through two blenders in 6 weeks. it was getting old. i made a yummy pink juice for valentine's day.
4 whole oranges, 10 whole strawberries and 1 cup of ice. nothing else. no sugar or sweetener. just pure fruit juice. so good!

he also gave me this lovely card. :)
lol. gotta love that man.
and as if that other stuff wasn't enough he gave me a heated blanket. i'm in love. i use two rice bags almost every night in bed. i tend to run cold. well this blanket takes care of that and turns off automatically after three hours, well after i'm asleep. it's so wonderful. he completely rocks my world. he knows my love language(gifts) that's for sure. :)
lynnette gave us these cute candy hearts. she made them! very thoughtful and the girls loved them after not having sugar for 6 weeks. thanks lynnette!
that night we went out to dinner at mongolian with sandee and the kids. we enjoyed ourselves.
when we got home we enjoyed some gluten free, vegan, sugar free cookies that are actually quite good! we also gave kg his gifts. i gave him a gift card to best buy because the gift i had ordered for him(think sexy) didn't arrive. bummer. i also got him a belt. it wasn't the one i was looking for but had to settle on it when river pee'd her pants all over the floor at old navy so it was time to go. :)
and the girls gave him this can of mixed nuts!

it was a really wonderful day!

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