Friday, February 11, 2011

a fun friday

friday's are my days at work that i have to run to the post office downtown and then go to the bank. i usually pick up flower from school, instead of having kg do it like usual, and take her with me and we get some lunch along the way. we stopped at oriental express for some green beans and tofu. i am hooked. love them! flower was so pleasant. we had a good time and needed it!
i love watching her skillfully use her chopsticks.

that afternoon they went to carols, the new sitter. carol is who they've wanted all along. she's the one that would swim with them last summer but for whatever reason she couldn't watch them until now. she's one of their many grandma's. we are all so happy with this arrangement! and the girls love her bird too!
that night i had a slumber party with the girls on the sofa. we watched a movie and fell asleep.
look how sweetly flower fell asleep!
after a couple of hours i woke up to my back not happy with me so i went to bed. within an hour they had both joined me in bed. i love their arms. river's all up by her face and flower doesn't have any arms!
kg snapped this at some point in the night. falling asleep with my laptop on my lap is a common occurrence. i do my blogging in bed at night on the nights that kg is at work. i used to get to bed at 8 and have a couple of good hours of blogging time but now that river takes forever to fall asleep and we have to be in there to prevent her from climbing to flower's bed, it's usually around 10 and then i'm exhausted and fall asleep way before i'm done blogging. oh well.
this whole particular friday was a good one. i kept my cool and that always makes a big difference and the girls were well behaved and fun.

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