Wednesday, February 23, 2011

veggies at teppanyaki and abs of steel

february 23rd was a tough night but we turned it around. i mentioned the social anxiety thing in a previous post. i may or may not write a more detailed post later. but it was getting bad. the thought of seeing anyone i knew was putting me over the edge. kg had a meeting at the church so i thought i'd be brave and go with him and then take the girls by kris' house to see her and hang for a bit. when i got there i couldn't get out of the car. the girls played in the car and i cried for 40 minutes in front of her house unable to get out. i gave up and went back to the church. :( that little episode left me hungry and tired. i knew i didn't want to cook when we got home so we went to teppanyaki for veggies! yum.
the fire kept scaring river and she'd jump into kg's arms for a hug.

flower was with us too and i had a cute photo of her using her chopsticks but it must have gotten erased. :(
when we got home the girls practiced their abs of steel moves. she is so dang strong!

big hugs from daddy.
and now it's bed time.

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