Saturday, February 26, 2011

flower's class photos!

what a cute class. flower cracks me up. each day she plays with someone different and someone new is her best friend. the big tall boy in the back was her boyfriend for the first few months of school. so cute. i can also see by these photos that she's had a little growth spurt since since the beginning of the year because she's no longer the shortest in her class. :)
kg is able to volunteer once a month. because of my work schedule i finally volunteered for the first time recently. i was a little shocked. i guess i'm so used to being around flower that i assume every child her age has the same abilities. i was quickly slapped upside with the face with the fact that it's just not so. she is definitely one of the top 5 in her class. they were broken up into groups based upon their abilities and sent to different stations. i was in charge of one of those stations so eventually i got to work with each group of kids. that's how i became painfully aware of just how smart her group is. it's kind of sad to me to see just how behind some of the kids in the class are because it likely means they don't get a lot of attention at home or have learning disabilities which i hate to see any child have to struggle with. i hope flower's love of learning continues throwout her life and that she hopefully won't have the same struggles in school that i did.

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