Thursday, February 10, 2011

silly day and sunshine with a sweet ending

who knew when we bought a bed we were also buying a jungle gym?! that's what it's turned in to with river around. the girls do this all day every day now.
river was trying on a mask that came home in flower's school bag. the girls love elephants and this might be the cutest one i've ever seen. :)
that afternoon was the warmest day we've had in a while. it was so welcomed so we sat outside and let the sunshine beat on our face while waiting for the babysitter.
that night was very sweet for me. i was sitting on the floor next to river's bed, per usual, and tears streamed down my face in the darkness. she noticed it and grabbed my face and set it in her lap. She then wrapped her arms around head and laid my head against her chest as she pat it and said, "be ok". She is the sweetest. she crashed shortly after.
i am constantly amazed by the intuition and pure love of a 2 year old. i've always said 18 months-3 years is my favorite and she's right in the middle of that.

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