Thursday, February 24, 2011

fat faces and dancing with shadows

february 24th left me feeling very frustrated and sad. kg had a meeting at the church again and kris needed help setting up tables at the church. i thought i'd give socializing another shot. kg and the girls were going along too. the girls and i played in the van while he was in his meeting. as my anxiety started to rise with the thought of going inside i was starting to lose my patience. so i found this great app on my iphone, fatbooth, and this did the trick! we laughed till we cried!

i love this one. it's like she's so fat she can't open her eyes!
when kg joined us after his meeting we made him fat too.this new lifestyle of ours is sure working! ha.
kris and jerry soon arrived and once again i couldn't get out of the car. they all went in and set up tables and i cried. it's so frustrating. the fact that i can't even speak face to face with one of the people i trust most in the world made me realize i needed to do something about it. i scheduled myself an appointment and then spent the next week having anxiety about having to talk to someone. ugh.
it got better once we got home and had our dance party! we use a strobe light and both kg and i were finally there so i could get photos of them dancing with their shadows. they love it!

loving our dance parties!

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