Wednesday, February 2, 2011

nightly dance party

several weeks ago the girls and i started doing a nightly dance party. or as river says, 'let's do a dance pouty. i liiike it'. gosh i love two year old talk. :) it happened by accident because a good song came on the radio one night when i was putting them to bed and i started to shake my groove thing. the girls started laughing and joined along and we went on for one more song. the next night i discovered i have a strobe light on my iphone and that made it even more fun! they also like to stand in front of my phone so their huge shadows are cast on the wall and then they watch their shadows dance. it's so fun.
they also got cool balls for christmas that light up. these are the shadows on the wall from the balls.

we do two songs. that's the perfect amount to get them excited about it and get out their wiggles without making the neighbors mad. :)

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