Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i thee wed and pregnant :)

the girls are playing especially well together lately. they spend more time in their room together without fighting. river is learning how to play and be nice instead of pulling flower's hair when she doesn't get her way. :) and flower's learning to be a little less bossy. ;) i love to see them use their imagination. while i was home for lunch one afternoon they came in and said they were getting married. they had me hum the wedding march. river is the groom and flower is the bride. they made her bouquet out of their flute and a pony tail holder. the vale was a sheet. so stinkin' cute!

river is trying to kiss her bride.
then they switched roles.
they were having so much fun.
that afternoon when i picked them up from carol's house flower informed me she was pregnant. "remember mom. i got married earlier so now i'm having a baby", she proclaimed. yikes. well at least she's being wise about the order of events.
she will make a very cute pregnant girl....someday....25 years from now!
what a couple of cute, silly girls!

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