Monday, February 28, 2011

february wrap-up

2.2-river had lined up all her little friends. i thought it was cute.
later that afternoon when the girls went to work with me river played in the trash can. nice. :)

2.5-river loves to wear my glasses :)

oh her lips are so lucious!
2.8-it was my first day back to work when i should have been on maternity leave. it was a rough day but coming home to dinner with the fam and these funny fish eye photos while we ate made me laugh.

2.15-the girls are playing on the jungle gym
ah the naked phase. we pick our battles and this isn't one i care about. i remember when flower spent more time naked than in clothes. she got over it and so will river. :)

2.18-the girls are ending up in our bed way to often these days. but it sure makes for cute photos in the morning. i love that they each have their left arm up.
2.19-the girls pulled all the books out of one of their shelves and then pushed the shelf into the living room and had a great time playing in it.

that evening we watched baby parker. he's 2 months old. i loved holding him but it broke my heart at the same time. it was so fun to watch river with him. she loved him! flower was having a rough night and refused to come out of her room so she never saw him.

2.22-nightly dance party

2.25-we went out to lunch together as a family and as i looked across the table at flower i realized she had a loose tooth! her first loose tooth! i was so excited. my excitement made her excited. it's the bottom front left one in the photo. :)
after we left siam thai, river fell asleep reading her book. so sweet.
we got these wonderful hanging baskets to house some of our fruits and veggies. i love seeing all that healthy food hanging up so visible instead of squished up on the counter. we didn't have any counter space left with all that sitting on there.
it was definitely an up and down month and i'm grateful we are moving on!

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