Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mornings with river

i love my mornings with river. flower is at school and two days a week kg is at karate. usually i go work out but lately i haven't been motivated and i've been enjoying our time together so much i don't want to leave. she is just so sweet. many mornings we take a bath at her request. or we sit and cuddle in the chair or bed. she's as in love with my new heated blanket as i am.

one morning we went with kg to petco to get some turtle products. a woman came in with a dog and river was so sweet with her.
here are a few things that i've noted and don't want to forget about river in the last few months.
*she stopped using a binky on december 10th. she chewed to bits the last one in the house so we just didn't buy anymore. it went smoother than i thought but i think that has contributed to her awful sleep patterns that we deal with now.
*she frequently grabs our hands and drags us around and says, "show you sumptin"
*she says, "actually" a lot and i'm not sure why. for example she'll say, "i want a banana actually" or "i want an orange actually". she'll add it at the end of many sentences.
*when i'm doing her hair she'll request different do's. one of my favorites is when she says "do piggy mowket" which means, put my mowhawk into a ponytail. :)
*january 23 was a big day. she sat and listened to an entire book for the first time! It was the Three Bears. i was so excited and since then there has been many and she absolutely loves books.
*ever since kg's mom watched the girls one saturday in january and gave them their own container of gum we frequently hear, "i want gummy!" it's cute.
*she still isn't very interested in tv or movies but she will request to watch 'mickey mouths' everyday and lasts about 30 seconds.
*she sings so cute! she loves all her nursery songs. one of my favorites is "bitsy bitsy bitsy bider"
*she loves our morning green smoothies and i get to hear her every morning say, "wake up momma! want to make a smoovie!"
*when she likes something she so sweetly says, "it's nummy. so nummy."
*she just cracks us up. she tries to convince us to give her things. for example she will say, "i want it." and when we ask why she says, "because i liiike it. it's nummy." with her head tilted to the side.
*i made some delicious black bean brownies and now river says, "i want brown"
*she calls us honey. i love it. and recently at a restaurant she said to the waitress, "i want some more chips honey" oh she's just so cute!
*whenever we see a homeless person kg will give them a dollar and always says, "good luck brother". now, when ever she sees anyone standing on the side of the road she yells out "good buck butter!" ha!
*she's still learning the proper use of words. my favorite that she doesn't know how to use yet are ticklish and carefully. she'll say, "don't ticklish me" and "be carefully"
*when she wants you to do something again she says, "doingain"
*every time she wants us to watch her do something that we laughed at previously she says, "member dis?"
*when she is being naughty or showing us something she broke she always says 'happy' hoping we're not mad. for example, "i broke it. Happy!"
*one night she said her prayers on her own and this is what she said, "dear fawder. thank u dance powdy. Jesus Christ. Amen." she loves her dance parties!
*another prayer that totally made me crack up, "dear fawder. amen dammit!" ha ha. oops.
*she calls her grandpas 'pumpa'
*when we are in the car and the noise is getting out of control we yell, "one two three quiet came" and she immediately starts singing at the top of her lungs, "abcdefg" she can be obnoxious!
*whenever we tell her no she now screams. "you're mean!" nice.

she's just so cute and sweet and fun and we love having her around! she loves flower to death too. kg and i were just noticing in the past couple of weeks how well they are playing together. she's learning how to play and be nice and share. she is definitely my little buddy lately and i love it!

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Jamie Link said...

Oh my gosh...i actually laughed out loud reading this. The "good luck butter!" one made me laugh hard. What a sweetheart...and what a great example you and KG are setting for her and flower. Great parents you are!! :)

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