Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We went camping this weekend for our first paintball trip of the season. It was Flower's first camping trip and we all had a fabulous time. She didn't sleep all that great which meant that we didn't but we just spent Monday catching up and all is well. Here are some photo highlights.

Flower loved her pink camp chair and lounged about while KG got our tent set up.

I loved watching her play with all the kids too. She fit right in. It was so nice to be in such a wide open space to just let her roam without having to watch her every move, for the most part.

She wasn't a big fan of the bat we found or the any of the bugs, especially the stink bugs that J kept shoving in her face! She was a good sport though.

I helped her make her first S'More and she loved that!

She had a great time with Uncle Monkey, or Bunkey as she calls him. John and KG played the toss game with the kids like usual and this was her first time. She loved it as much as the other kids.

I got this amazing shot of them throwing T. He looks like an angel! He's that straight thing up in the air, perpendicular to the tree! Amazing!

It was so fun to tuck her into daddy's mummy bag and fall asleep in the mountains that night.

Saturday I took her to the cabin to see her papa. She was delighted to get chocolate from him as they sat on the logs around the new fire pit!

I then took her on a hike and had so much fun taking photos of her at some of the places I never want to forget.

KG's paintball game was going on all throughout the day as well and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There was tons of kids, tons of fun and lots of relaxation! :)

Sunday, in a rare moment of being alone while everyone else was at the cabin, I enjoyed watching this little creature just inches away from me. It had to be perfectly quiet or he'd bolt.

As we were packing up our tent we released this beautiful little friend back into the wilderness.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Weekend! We sure did. :)

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sara :) said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. See, you didn't need us to come--you had plenty of people there! :)

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