Saturday, May 19, 2007

First Impressions

Our friends Jen and Cliff gave us an amazing gift for the baby shower, a gift certificate to get Flower's hand molds done. After putting some thought into it, we decided to wait until her 2nd Birthday to get the mold for one main reason. If we have more kids, we want the molds done at similar ages or times. If we birth a child or adopt one younger then 2, we will wait until their 2nd Birthday as well. If the child is older then 2, we will get it done on their first Birthday celebrated with us, as we did Flower. We also looked through the pamphlet that accompanied the gift certificate and fell in love with the idea of a family mold. We really liked the hands holding the Iron Rod. We went on April 18th and got it back a week ago. So....Here it is.

The little plaque on the front that you can't see says, 'Jensen Family 2007...HOLD ON!' The guy that made them said everybody gets 'Hold to the Iron Rod' and asked if that's what we wanted. We said no, we wanted something a little more original with more meaning to us. We picked that for two reasons. One, it can be said like your about to ride a roller coaster because life is just one big roller coaster. Two, we both love the song Everybody Hurts by R.E.M, and Hold On is repeated throughout that song. Basically there are going to be really tough times in life and you just have to Hold On! We completely love the impressions and think they turned out fabulous! The detail is just amazing!


sara :) said...

You had me at R.E.M.

Love the hand mold-very cool.

Anthony & Krissie said...

Hi, my name is Anthony Child. I knew KG from church. We grew up in the same ward. Anyway, I really like the hand mold. If you don't mind me asking, Where did you have that done at? I would like to do something like that for my wife and I.

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