Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fireballs and Pippy Longstalking

Here are a some photos I've taken recently of Flower.

The first was the other night. She insisted on trying a fire ball candy. I figured she'd realize it was hot and spit it out and not want it. Well, she did spit it out when it got hot but she must have forgotten because she wanted it back. I gave it back and she wanted that damn candy so bad that she was crying saying ouch and hot and still wouldn't spit it out!

She finally gave in and gave it back to me after I got some photos. Now whenever she sees the bag of fireballs she points and says, 'hot! yuck!'. :) At least she learns. Can you see those tears running down her face in the last photo? Silly kid!

The next set were taken yesterday morning.

We didn't pull out Flower's pig tails when she went to bed so this is how she woke up! So cute! I couldn't believe they were sticking straight out making her resemble Pippi Longstalking.

It made eating eggs so much cuter! She loves her photo taken so she insisted on one with daddy too! :) What a cute pair!

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