Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Perfect Sunday!

A couple of weeks ago I had my favorite kind of Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed it! After sleeping in with KG till almost 11:00, Flower and I spent a few hours in my bed. We ate breakfast there and then I read while she watched cartoons. I love it when she lays on my to watch TV! These are the moments I cherish. KG doesn't get much uninterrupted daytime play so he enjoyed lots of quiet computer time in the 2nd room. At 2:30 I went visiting teaching and then came home to KG having cleaned the living room and kitchen. It was wonderful! Mom, Erina, and Aunt Lynette showed up about 4:00. Lynette was in town from Colorado and hadn't yet met Flower so this was fun. We walked them out a couple of hours later and went to dinner at Asiago's. Flower loved their cheese! :) She is her daddy's girls when it comes to her love of every kind of cheese! When we got home KG went to bed and Flower and I enjoyed the rest of the night. I put Flower to bed and then laid on the sofa listening to her night time music, Enya, and reading for an hour until it was time to wake KG for work at 10:30. What a perfect day! :)

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