Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday in the Park

We took a break from the daily grind to meet Sara and her adorable kids in the park again. It's Liam's last soccer practice, therefore, the last Thursday they'll be there so we didn't want to miss it! It was the first time KG and I went to together too so that was enjoyable.

I enjoyed conversation with Sara while KG chased Flower around.

After the park we went to Mongolian BBQ for dinner. We convinced Sara to come with us. I was very impressed with how well all the kids did! Having that many kids at a table with only 3 adults usually leads to chaos in our experience. They were all so well behaved. There was the occasional burp but I think KG encouraged that along. Flower also ate well which she doesn't normally do with other kids around. We had a great time!

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sara :) said...

If you thought those burps were good, you should have heard the kids at Liam's soccer party this afternoon... Thanks again for the fun night. We had a great time.

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