Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I loved this movie when I was younger and still enjoy watching it! My mom and I made our own version on Tuesday when we drove home from Eastern Idaho.
On Saturday my mom and I took Flower on her first road trip! We went to Idaho Falls to visit my mom's family. Flower was such a champ the entire time!
Even though she only slept for a half hour on the way there and back, she wouldn't fuss and was just happy as can. Ryan and Amanda had given Flower a really cute book that came with a CD of all the songs so we put that in and listened and she loved it and followed along with every song. I love going to Idaho Falls and visiting and visiting my mom's family and it was great to have time alone with her!

She and I have always gotten along well and I really enjoy her company!
We stayed with my mom's sister, my Aunt Peggy. I have so many fun memories of playing on her farm. I used to go there for a couple of weeks on the summer with my sister when we were little. There was always an adventure to be had. I was so excited to share this place with Flower. As soon as we got there she started playing on the piano and Aunt Peggy gave her a hand. I love listening to my aunt play the piano. The musical talent is something I miss at our reunions! Flower mets lots of new people and we all met two of my first cousins twice removed, Cynthia and Riley, for the first time. (Yes I am a geek when it comes to the family tree and do understand all the proper terms.) Flower had fun holding her second cousin once removed, Riley, who is the size of a doll! She didn't jealous at all when I help her. However, she didn't want me holding the full size baby, Cynthia.

Riley's sister Jenna and Cynthia's brother Jarom are still has cute as ever!

I love my cousins Bobette and Cheryl, Peggy's daughters, and have always enjoyed itme spent with them. I love this photo of Bobette with her two granddaughters! Our girls night was so fun! Although Flower didn't get along with Jerom, she and Jenna had a great time!

On Sunday mom and I finally took Flower outside to explore the yard. She saw the horses and loved playing on the tractor! There is nothing cuter then a photo of a kid on a tractor!

She then played on the beloved tire swing that has been hanging from that tree longer then I can remember!

My cousin Mike, Peggy's middle son, got a new puppy while we were there. It's the most interesting little thing I've ever seen. It's a Blue and Red Healer mix but the coloring is amazing. He was appropriately named Domino. Flower loved chasing him around!

After that we went to my cousin Bobette's house, which is right over the overpass from Peggy's. I also have fond memories of being with her Bobette and her husband Kevin over the years. I usually stay with them when I come to town and they always welcome us with open arms. They have beautiful property with the cutest house!

Flower had fun on the hammock and the 4-wheeler!

She had fun with her second cousin Brandon and his dad Kevin.

One of my favorite things about visiting them is they make the best homemade fries and fry sauce you will ever partake of! I have been lucky enough to have them the last few times I've visited! Flower loved them just as much. I am disappointed that I didn't get a photo of all the fries. They were coming out our ears! :)

My cousin Mike has always been great at the unicycle. James, Bobette and Kevin's youngest son, decided he'd dig it out of the garage and give it a try. Mike then had to oblige and prove he is still worthy!

It was all really fun!
Monday we went to the music program of my aunt and cousins. This program was the reason for our trip!

Three generations singing together...what could be more fun? It was a great program! Bobette's oldest son Jared sneaked in for a photo. :)

Flower loved it and danced along to the music. She absolutely loved my Uncle Bob, Peggy's husband. She called him Bobbob. She would walk around the house looking for him and asking, "where's bobbob?" Since my grandpa died when I was 12, he is the closest thing I have to one and he is really a special guy.

We were treated to French Toast before we got on the road to head home. We took the Arco way so we could stop at one of our favorite little restaurants, The Pickles' Place, for fried pickles. Flower had great fun hiding her silverware in her overalls.

We just had a great time the whole weekend and I was so impressed with how Flower handles this new experience! I look forward to many road trips to come. I can hardly wait to go back to Idaho Falls and take her floating in the canal. A tradition each reunion! I love you mom! Thanks for the pleasant and very much needed weekend!

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sara :) said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend--the pictures are adorable. By the way, I loved Flower's little red shoes she had on at the park tonight. Hope you got a lot of scrapping done! :)

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