Wednesday, December 30, 2009

river's first snow!

after our last big snow storm the girls and i went out to play. river had never been in the snow and she wasn't too sure what to think.
first she ran towards it.
but then when she got to the end of the sidewalk she turned around.
she did not want to step in it.
flower had to pull her into the snow.
then they walked along, holding hands.

and then they slid on the ice and fell down. :)
it was so funny to watch them fall. they did not understand how that just happened.

then i made them snowballs to hold and throw.
now that made her smile. she LOVED the snow!
and then she tasted it.
mmmm was the sound she made. :)
and flower and i threw them at each other. :)

river kept eating.
so flower wanted a taste.

and they both ate and walked.

flower stopped to make a snow angel.

we had a good time before finally getting to office to warm up. river was amazed and it was so fun to see her first reaction to snow.


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Oh for cuteness! Love the play-by-play of her holding it and tasting it :)

5boystokiss said...

I love these pictures. You have such a talent for photography-and writing.
So, I had a question-you say you remember my kids in the ward. Do you remember which ones it was? Was it Seth and Gabe-because if it was then we have hope. All of Seths teachers now tell me he is the best in class. When I was writing that post I was wondering if Seth ever acted like that. It has been seriously like 2 years since we have had a problem with him. Hope Gabe learns before Enoch starts running!
Thanks for your comment. I was really hoping people would say-oh man or thats funny or I can relate-instead of "you should try..." or, "hmm I have never seen that" or "oh wow!" Which we all know really means you must really suck at being a mom. Sorry long comment that doesn't really apply-just thanks for understanding!

LAURA said...

So cute. How did you guys get two girls who like the snow?

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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