Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sharing my love of the red and white

they love bob's peppermint and much as i do. :)

and i love them as much as bob's peppermint. :o)

**tonight i tried a new recipe called oreo truffles. this was to be what we handed out to our friends. i don't like them. and they don't look pretty like the recipe. i was complaining to kg when he got home that they don't look pretty. flower, without missing a beat says, "but you ARE pretty mom" in her high pitch squeal. she thought i was complaining about my looks instead of the chocolates. that made my night.

**the other thing that made my night was opening the door to see alanna and kenya standing there with homemade bread and homemade peach blush jam. yum.

**monday night we went out to dinner with kris and jer. we exchanged gifts. they also gave us delicious spice bread! river was a huge fan. yesterday we found her on the kitchen floor with the bread pan between her legs, shoveling the remaining bread in her mouth. she got it off the counter herself.

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Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Hee hee I don't know whose story is cuter . . . in any case, two very precious girls :D

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