Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bountiful Temple Sealing.

last weekend we went to utah to witness the sealing of marco, stephanie and tieran. it was also really nice family time. we arrived without incident on friday evening and headed straight for ikea. it was the perfect place for the girls to run off some energy. then we got some dinner at verg's diner before going to our place of stay. we stayed with marco's uncle rick and aunt shauna. it was perfect and they were very gracious hosts. their home was beautifully decorated for christmas and the girls loved every bit of it! and i didn't get a single photo. bummer.
saturday we lounged around before doing some christmas shopping at target. then we finally went to the sealing. a friend of stephanie's was watching the kids so after much frustration we finally randomly saw bito, thank goodness, and he lead us to the place and then we followed him to the bountiful temple. we made it with just minutes to spare! phew.
it was a very special and powerful ceremony. i am so proud of marco and how far he's come. i felt like a proud parent in that room. and i'm so grateful we made the time to go. unfortunatley marco got a major bloody nose right after his grandpa gave him the first congratulatory hug. they couldn't get it to stop so we were all dismissed. that was a little sad. he was so embarrassed.
after the ceremony we picked up the kids and went to the church for a luncheon. flower was having a rough day. she told kg that she thinks no one thinks she's cute because they only talk about river. :( sad.
baby tieran has so much dang hair. they cannot get her monster hair to lay down.
the happy, eternal family.

that evening we took the girls to temple square to enjoy the lights and nativity displays.
so beautiful.

my little family all bundled up.

i LOVE this photo of the temple.

these neat little candle holders lined all the nativity and grassy areas.

we had a great night and then went home to put the kids in bed.
river loves sitting on flower's lap or anyone who is sitting on the floor.
she just backs herself right up and takes a seat.
that includes the cute little reindeer in the rocking chair!
the reindeer looks a little scared!
she also loved to push the button and watch it rock and sing.
sunday at 11:00 we went to the blessing and then got on the road for home. unfortunately it was not without incident. about 45 minutes outside of burley the jeep stopped working. we were stuck on the side of the road in a snow storm for an hour and a half. marco's parents and brother live in middleton. they left utah about an hour and half after us so when they came up on us the girls and i got in the car with his parents and kg waited for a tow truck. it was another hour before we saw him again. we went to grandpa morley's and waited. kg had to rent a uhaul with a trailer to get the jeep home. he and flower road in that and river and i went with the morley's. i was on the verge of tears the entire way and just couldn't wait to get home. turns out the engine is toast. we don't have the money to do anything right now. and with the value of the jeep it's not worth fixing. i'm sad. so we'll be freezing our way through the winter driving the bus that doesn't have heat or windshield wipers. good times. i'm just really thankful for what we do have and that we made it home safe and the morley's were so willing to help us. i'm very grateful for the many things we are blessed with each day.


Audie said...

Gorgeous photos!

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Oh man I'm so sorry to hear about your jeep! I had to deal with a car with no heat for a few winters in college. Not fun :(.

LAURA said...

Those photos are just gorgeous! I am glad you made it home safe too.

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