Friday, December 18, 2009

for the love of candy canes

few things warm my heart more than an unexpected gift from a friend. especially one that shows they pay attention to everything you say! i was so surprised last night when ruth handed me a bag full of my favorite christmas treat. bob's peppermint candy canes. big and little. :) at one of our enrichment meetings last month she took note when i said how much i loved them. that really means a lot to me. and i now have enough candy canes for the whole year!
brenda did the exact same thing! she heard me state at some point in time my love for candy canes and went home and made me a blown glass necklace in the shape of a candycane. i couldn't believe it! it's adorable and will now be my favorite christmas necklace.
how great are these ladies? i'm so lucky.

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