Friday, December 18, 2009

melting pot for christmas

wednesday night was my work christmas party. yummy! it was so good. i was seriously hurting for hours after because i was so full. it was delicious and so fun. kg kept us all laughing. it was a great night.
this is richardo, our aspen maintenance man,
and his girl friend tina, who helps him clean apartments.

barb, my bosses mom, works in the office. julie is my bosses friend and is cleaning for us.
lynette, my boss and lisa, her sister, who cleans the clubhouse and property.

i'm bummed that tex couldn't be there. he is lynnette's husband and our maintenance man. their babysitter fell through so he stayed home with tristan. in case you didn't notice, it's a family business. i really love my job. and more than that, i'm incredibly grateful for it. it's made it possible for us to adopt our girls. i work with the best people and feel like part of the family. i was also given a generous bonus which is so helpful right now.(it pretty much paid for part of the unexpected towing of the jeep that took place last weekend.) i'm so blessed. thank you lynnette.

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