Friday, December 18, 2009

snowflakes + santa clause

friday night was our ward christmas party. it was beautifully decorated. kg and i made around 60 snowflakes that joined others in hanging at the entrance and the stage.
there was a really warm welcome of singers as you entered.
stephanie and tyler are in town!
i love my friends.
these faces always make me smile. :o)
i also love my sister's family.
i LOVE everything about this photo. look at the expressions on their faces. it has so much attitude with the way they are standing. it reminds me of two teenage girls at a school dance eying their crush and hoping they get asked to dance. meanwhile sharing their secrets.
i love these girls.
it was genius for them to put the children on the stage during the program. it kept them all relatively focused and quiet. i choked up when they sang too. i love hearing flower sing christmas music. she's been doing a lot of it this month.
the whole program was really great.
of course santa came to visit! flower told him completely different things than she wrote in her letter she already sent. probably not uncommon. :)
river was pretty unsure of the man.
i really like how our family photo turned out!
jovie wasn't too sure either and oaks wanted nothing to do with him. :)
but this photo with all of them turned out very sweet.
we had a good time. the food was ok...not my favorite. i liked 50% of it. :) the rolls, carrots and potatoes were excellent! i really appreciated the nativity sticker sets the kids got to do at their table while waiting to eat. it was the perfect thing to keep their attention.
merry christmas 13th ward friends.


Audie said...

Thanks again for taking our photos. I'll be using them on my blog!

La belle mère said...

Okay, so I know it's not the main point of your post, but I just have to say I LOVE your hair clip! :)

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