Thursday, December 24, 2009

santa's on his way!

christmas eve was perfect! we went to my parents at 4:00 pm. we had two different pots of chili, stew, pretzel jello salad, rolls, and peach delight and pie for dessert.
shortly after we arrived dad started up the train!

at one point my dad offered the kids $2 bills if they did certain things. like he asked how many musical/moving christmas animals my mom had. they went running around counting. it was really fun and the kids were totally into it. he also asked who could sing randolph the bull-legged cowboy. really fun.
this toy vibrates and giggles. she loved it and it shook her whole body!
finally we did three stories.
first the santa claus you see sitting on the speaker read ''twas the night before christmas'.

my dad's cousin barry made a surprise visit!

spencer read a very touching story about a needy family and the true meaning of christmas.

torta read the scripture story.
we then did our sibling gift exchange. this year we had roger's family and his family had ours. they gifted kg and i a target gift card. thank you for everything!
they gave river a great book!

they gave flower cute little princesses.

finally at 7:00 it was time to go home. i was so excited.
we walked in the door to find pajamas on the floor with a note to the girls from santa.
red night gowns for the girls, green pj bottoms for kg and me.
he forgot how to spell 'stopped' he he! ;)
the girls were very excited!
we did the customary 'jammies in front of the tree' photos.

(we didn't even pose them this way!)
she loves to sit in tight spots and corners and making chairs out of things, like these presents.
here's a close up with a flash so you can see the detail. i love them.
finally the girls were in bed my 8:00 pm.
I got to sit and enjoy the lee's caramels my dad gave us while santa put together river's sit 'n spin in the background. :)
my dad gifts us these every year and i totally look forward to it!
kg left for work at 8:30 and then i got to be alone to set things up. i've really gotten used to this quiet, alone time over the years. i like to be able to reflect on the true meaning of christmas and think about all our many blessings.
it was a prefect night and i'm so happy!

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Becky Marks said...

Sounds like a perfect evening!! I'm so glad you had a good time! And CUTE night gowns! Good job Santa!

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