Monday, December 28, 2009

life is good

just as it states on her cute little hat, life is good. saturday afternoon we got together with carrie and tony, river's birth aunt and uncle. carrie was there when river was born but hasn't seen her since and tony hadn't met her yet. it was very enjoyable. they are the ones responsible for this adorable hat!

there was a lady going around making really cool balloon art.

this is flower's new hat!
they also gave the girls hair clips, dresses and lots of books. so very kind.

thanks for taking the time to hang out with us! it was great to see you again carrie and nice to meet you tony! thanks for the great gifts for the girls too. very sweet of you.


Audie said...

I've missed out on a bunch of posts!! Your girls are adorable. Love the hats River wears.

ang :o) said...

no, i'm just posting like a mad woman today! blogger hasn't worked for me since christmas day so i'm way behind. now i'm trying to get them done since it's the end of the year. i'd like to start the year with an empty queue. not sure it's possible. lol. what are you guys up to tonight?

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