Wednesday, December 30, 2009

random saturdays


flower made this cute hat and necklace at preschool.

sandee and i took the kids to monkey buziness.
it was fun but over priced.
and the small children's area was not well thought out. there was no gate or door so i was constantly chasing river to keep her out of the older kids sections. plus, both the girls hung on me just like they do at home. we won't be going back anytime soon unless it's free. :)
here are the girls at the top of the slide.
i only had my iphone so all you see is blips. but those blips are flower and kas.
flower was not amused.

this tree was pretty cool but she was bored with it after 5 seconds.

she loved these blocks.

i went down the slide twice. once so i could see what it was like. i loved it!
i went again so that i could take river.
that blip is river.
she was not amused. :)

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