Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dani came to visit + Christmas lights.

We were lucky enough to have my 17 year old cousin Dani come stay with us for two nights this week. She was visiting from Utah. Tuesday night after she was dropped off we decided to take her to Oriental Express for dinner. Then we stopped off at DK Donuts to pick up hot cocoa and donuts for our Christmas lights tour. We needed that hot cocoa to keep us warm now that we are driving the bus, which has no heat. It was also raining that night and it doesn't have windshield wipers. It was amusing since our body heat would fog up the windows so we were constantly wiping them. We had a really good time.
This is my favorite...the sign on the house of the neighbors of the decorated home.

I love her face in this photo. She was having so much fun.

We happened upon Amanda and her gang!
By now the camera was wet and the lens smeared.
Dani, me and Flower. (KG and River stayed in the dry bus)
This beautiful waterfall was completely frozen.
Then we went to the next house.

Since we were wet and cold we headed home after that.
Wednesday Sandee stopped by so we talked her into taking us(Dani, Flower and me) Christmas shopping. That night Dani stayed home with River so KG and I could go to my company party. Flower got to have a date with Buffalo Grandma. She was kind enough to take Flower to her preschool Christmas party. From what I hear, I'm sad we missed it. She had a great time! More to come on my party and I'm hoping to get photos and video from her party as well.
Thursday Dani helped Flower with her gingerbread house and they ate lunch together. That afternoon we took Dani with us to see Astro Boy. We had four free tickets given to us by Aimee that had to be used by the end of this month so it was perfect. It was a cute show. We also stopped by Jumba Juice and Jack-in-the-Box, which they don't have in Utah. And finally we made a stop by Roger's house before dropping her off with her sister. We had such a good time with her visit! The girls loved having her here!!! I'm happy that she wanted to spend time with us.

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