Saturday, March 20, 2010

3.20.2010::vegas day one

we arrived in vegas around 2:30 pm. we went straight to the hotel to check in. we loved it. the room was beautiful!

i love the deep purple headboards.
the bathroom was pretty and i liked the tile.
we got showered and ready for the night and walked through the hotel.
and then we hit the strip!

river is always sucking in her beautiful, luscious lips...
or licking them.
she's so pretty. and look, her head is getting fluffy. her hair really is growing!
these beautiful umbrellas were delightful.
this is a ball of fresh grass and fresh flowers. they were all throughout this hotel and really lovely.
we walked through several hotels and this one had a beautiful garden!

then we road the tram. a first for the girls and flower really dug it.

we finally made it to our destination for dinner around 6. the girls loved it. river loves animals. and the lightning and thunder storms they have every 15 minutes totally freaked out flower! fun times.

kg and i shared a meal. it was perfect.

then we strolled over to the m&m store. this is such a fun place!

flower's holding a little gift for her preschool teacher. she dropped it in the store, it shatter and water splashed everywhere. oops. we grabbed a new one.

i love this one. the chalkboard says, "i will not melt in the hand". poor m&m in trouble. :)
we saw a 3-D movie starring the m&m's.

flower's very favorite color m&m is the brown one. she always eats them first.
but her favorite color is pink so we took her picture there too.
and we put river in front of the orange and green because that's mommy and daddy's favorite colors.
then we walked the strip some more. flower loved everything all lit up!

we stopped to watch the dancing fountains in front of the belagio. they were set to a celine dion song. flower was totally mesmerized!

she is in a silly phase of posing herself. i never tell her what to do and most of the time she is over the top! :) cutie pie.
we made a dessert stop at serendipity. super cute place!
i loved their colors of orange and pink. it's hard to tell but the lady in the picture has sundaes on her head. :)
cute clock.
love all their colored chairs and the ice cream parlor style.
we had a long wait so we were trying to keep the girls entertained. river is seriously constantly on the move. she is such a clown and just a goof ball with all the faces she pulls. she keeps us laughing!
this is my favorite photo of her in a while! this face and the speed of this photo speak volumes to her personality!

this is a tree lit up like a sundea. can you see the cherry on top with the blue straw?
river was losing it so we decided to just get a treat to go. a cookies and cream sundae with deep fried oreos. kg and the girls liked it. me? not so much. the oreos were gross!
we had a long day and all crashed pretty hard. thanks to the blackout curtains we all slept in too! really really fun day!


La belle mère said...

Fun fun fun! What hotel did you stay in?

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

The water show at the Bellagio is my favorite :D

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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